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This Month's Winner
is Grant!

Purple Chimp Charm Prizes

Submit photos of your masterpieces and be entered for a chance to win Chimp Charm Prizes!

Each month we will select a winner from the photos submitted.
Your masterpiece will be featured on and
you will receive a Chimp Charm Prize! (Prizes may vary).

Show everyone the masterpieces you've created by following
these simple steps:

1. Take a photo of your project.

2. Save it as a .jpg on your computer.

3. Email us your photo of the project only (do not send photos wearing or using the projects) along with your first name, age and the Purple Chimp™ product you used to:

Please ask a parent or guardian for permission before submitting your photo.

Please do NOT:

• Include any other personal information (like an address).

• Include pictures of yourself or your friends wearing or
  using the projects in the photos.

• Use someone else’s pictures.