About June Tailor
June Tailor® History

June Tailor® was established in 1961, serving the quilting, home decorating, craft and sewing markets. The June Tailor® line consists of over 120 unique products and maintains several trademarks and patents. Each of our products has been designed with unique value-added features to assist you in completing your projects with professionally finished results. Our product offering continues to grow reflecting the ever-changing needs of our customers and our commitment to total customer satisfaction. We thank you for your interest in June Tailor® products!

June Tailor® Mission Statement

June Tailor® is dedicated to profitable growth by providing unique value in select niches of the retail market. Consumers recognize June Tailor® for quality, innovation and economic value. We specialize in development and distribution of products that allow consumers to enhance the quality of their leisure time by creatively using specialized tools, materials and kits. Our goal is to allow each consumer to save time and money while experiencing their personal vision through creative projects.